Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ze plane! Ze plane!

posted by Joe Ardent @ 11:39 PM

Why, you might wonder, am I referencing Tattoo? For a very good reason! Look at what I got last night:

Yeah, I got that as a real tattoo. It comes from the last panel of this Dinosaur Comic. Our friend Kevin gave me the tattoo; he used to own a shop, and as you can see, he's incredibly good. Francisco and me were the first tattoos he's made in three years. Not too bad, Kevin! Anyway, I got the tattoo so that I'd have a little guardian T-Rex on my shoulder, encouraging me to follow through on my wacky schemes. I can always get a Utahraptor on my other shoulder saying, "Don't do it!" But I'll wait for that.

Anyway, other than that, we're just preparing to return to the US (we get back to San Francisco on March 29th, after six days in Chicago), and preparing to spend eighteen days in Thailand before that. OK, plus four days in and around Auckland before Thailand. We got some travelling to do in the nearish future.

We're both looking forward to getting back to the US. I'm even allowing myself to feel hope that the US is not marching inexorably off a fascist cliff, now that Obama is kicking so much ass. But at the same time, it's going to suck to leave our friends back here in New Zealand. I know we'll see them again, but we've got a really nice, tight crew here. Damn this globe-trotting: you leave a trail of blood and broken hearts in your wake, yours included.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

We got plans!

posted by Kris Ardent @ 11:15 AM

Hello People of the World.

After 2 years in this southern hemisphere wilderness, we are planning to make our way slowly back to San Francisco. Yay!

Here is the plan:

On February 25th, globe-trotting sensations Mr. Cheat "The Cheat" Cheaterson and his sidekick Squeaky "The Sneak" Scaredypants pack their bags and head to San Francsico to live with Aunty Nikhila and Uncle Jeff until we return and find them a suitable permanent home with us. I'm hoping the pilot of their mad-cap adventure gets picked up.

On March 1st, we move out of Marine Manor and fly to Auckland for a few days of exploring the north of the north island, Bay of Islands and whatever else looks pretty.

March 5th we fly to Thailand (!) with Francisco, where there will be tigers, elephants, monkeys, cooking classes, night markets and massages. We'll be in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui on the beach, and then at The Sanctuary for a raw retreat and some full moon rave party action.

From March 23rd through March 29th, we'll be in Chicago. Can we come visit you? After we take a nap, of course. Maybe we need to have a birthday party for Joe on the 27th? He's been very good this year. I think he deserves a party. Maybe even a pony.

On March 29th, we return to San Francisco for good. For real. We're never leaving there again, even to go camping. If you want to see the Ardents, you'll know where to find us.