Wednesday, November 08, 2006


posted by Kris Ardent @ 3:31 AM

I think breatharianism is next for me. It's the only thing more RADICAL than not eating cooked food. Every day I seem to need less food. Either I'm developing an awesome eating disorder, or the food I'm eating is so energy and nutrient rich, that I just don't need as much. We're making a lot of delicious things to eat around Marine Manor, and Brenda feeds just about every time I see her. I'm afraid for Thanksgiving, when we take a break to eat dead food again. Wish me luck!


At 11/15/2006 3:02 PM, Blogger aimee renee said...

don't forget that you'll need to have thanksgiving twice -- like you had to celebrate your b-day twice.

turkey and potatoes on 11/23 in new zealand time and then turkey and potatoes on the 11/23 of your fellow americans. overeating is part of your american heritage you know. it was the first thing the natives and the pilgrims agreed to.


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