Saturday, August 19, 2006

The South Island: A Retrospective - DAY THREE

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Day Three was mostly about driving, so I should be able to knock off this post in a couple minutes. We begin the day in Akaroa, population 576, after a night's stay at Chez La Mer:

We started out with a walk around the pretty harbor.

Clodagh met a fisherman and talked to him about rugby while a tiny shark struggled in his boat. What would we do without sports? How would we ever be able to talk to strangers?

Here's where we had delicious breakfast. I think there was french toast involved, but it was a long time ago so I'm not sure. Maybe Clodagh can fill in the fuzzy details.

All I know is that breakfast was amazingly delicious, and we had our own cat.

Walked back through "town," stopping to buy more fudge and some wool garments. Akaroa is hella cute. Here's the harbor from above, during the drive out of town:
Jolly Holly Bear is an excellent driver. Now we will never get lost again:
We christened this geographical feature "NippleRock," for Joe.
Sheep! A lot of them! On the move!
And the countryside.
We ended up in Hanmer Springs, up in the mountains, at a hostel called Le Gite. So many French places today! We got some take-out from a crappy Indian restaurant and ate it back at the hostel. Then we watched an Edward Norton movie that I'd never heard of before: 25th Hour (directed by Spike Lee). Then we went to bed in the room we shared with some random guy. Day three: in the can!


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