Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Challenge Me!

posted by Kris Ardent @ 9:55 PM

To anything, really. I'm totally ready for it. Gimme what you got. So far, here are my current challenges. See if you can come up with anything else I should be doing in November:

1. 30-day raw food challenge: started yesterday. We've got nuts and seeds and avocados and fresh produce and a recipe book (Living On Live Food by Alyssa Cohen). My biggest fear is that I'll do just fine for a few days, and then SNAP. There's a drive-thru McDonald's in Newtown, and I'm pretty sure that's were my breakdown will occur. Joe and I have a blood oath not to eat any fast food while we're in New Zealand, and so far I think we're doing pretty well. This might just be my downfall. But for now, it's mock salmon pate and avocado salad, banana coconut cream pie, flax crackers and dried pineapple. It's actually been pretty tasty, and I feel like what I imagine crack to be like, in the best way.

2. Start a small business: Brenda and I are signing a lease on Monday for a commercial kitchen space. We're going to ramp up production on her current raw food product line (crackers, truffles, other dried raw things), invent new things people MUST have in their bellies, and we've already got our first raw food catering gig lined up for December 8th. Can you say CHALLENGE?! How about abject TERROR?

3. 30-day yoga challenge: Now, this is the one that's doomed to fail. My chiropractor gave me a "look" today and tried to talk me out of it. But if she saw how pathetically I earned credit for my first day of the challenge yesterday, she would not fear. Any ounce of pain in my back, or general discomfort of any sort, and I stop, and just stand there. They say you get credit just for showing up, so I'm holding them to that. (They being The Yoga People, who are in charge of defining these sorts of things.)

So what else is there? Bring it on.


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