Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Whine, moan, complain

posted by Kris Ardent @ 9:41 PM

It's nice to have a blog that you can refer to every time you think you're sick ALL THE TIME. Looks like I haven't been sick since May! Pretty good, eh?

I few days ago, just sitting around watching movies, I FELL ILL. More acutely than I can remember. One moment I was fine, and the next I was passed out on the couch wanting to die, or just be more passed out. When I moved to the bed I took my temperature, with an actual thermometer. It was amazing! Chills and everything!

Today I emerged from my bed cocoon and my back hurts so much I can barely move. I'm seeing a chiropractor for the back, and we're trying to figure out if my lower back problems are the bed or the yoga, or my suspicion: a combination of the two. My homework is to go through each of the Bikram poses and figure out which ones are safe to do with no pain, and which ones I need to lay off of until the swelling goes down. And I need to convince the furniture rental company to trade me my crappy bed for a fancy firm bed.

In other, non-whine related news, I'm going to start WORKING. That's right. Texture painting is looking further and further away, so I'm going to help Brenda produce her raw snacks, and maybe open a raw foods cafe in Wellington! So exciting!

I'm a little disappointed about the texture painting, because I REALLY wanted to work on a certain video game movie that will be coming out in 2008. But, despite my pattern over the last six months, I can't be out of work forever, and I can't rely on the potential for a job that just may never materialize. It's sad, but the opportunity to work with Brenda on something I find so compelling helps ease the pain. Hey look! More whining!

Now, to answer reader questions: Grey's Anatomy is really good. I'm watching it with other people now, and I can't tell whether it's their presense which is preventing me from sobbing as usual, or if the episodes are just cheerier this season. No matter, it's still good. I'll just have to sob through Weeds. NZ TV mostly sucks because it's either trashy soaps (REALLY trashy) or U.S. shows which are a couple seasons behind. So I like downloading the shows I like from iTunes or Bittorrent and watching them ALL AT ONCE. Have I mentioned how great The Bachelor: Rome is shaping up to be?!

Nekeela asks: "I want to know how free you'll be at the end of December--or will there be much texture to paint?" Well Nekeela, whoever you are, as I mentioned about, there is to be no texture painting in my future. I think I'll be just as free as I wanna be at the end of December, and hereby offer to bring anyone who has gathered the poop from my cat, to visit me then! Of course, there will be no Francisco or Vanessa (they are going to the US for Christmas and New Years), but I will be here! Aren't I enough?! Hopefully, I'll have some work to do by then, but I should be able to take off enough time to show you a good time.

Alana, I like dolphins too. And bands. And next post, I will tell you all about my dolphin adventure. I like yoga too, but it does not like me. Yoga and the bed have it in for me. They're aligning against me. Boo hoo. Poor me.


At 10/22/2006 1:16 PM, Blogger nanavere said...

We should chat. I have some stuff to tell you. You know, that good kind of stuff about you.

At 10/22/2006 6:59 PM, Blogger Kris Ardent said...

Oooh! Enticing!

At 10/23/2006 10:37 AM, Blogger nanavere said...

Feel it out... Let me know when and we'll have a phone date. It'll be so good you won't be able to take it.


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